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Jamie Le Tissier

One of Guernsey's most well-known dancers made the decision to turn professional in response to demand for lessons on the island.
Jamie Le Tissier turned professional at the end of 2009 largely to be able to teach more proficiently.

Jamie said: "It was the demand in Guernsey that made me decide to turn pro."      As well as teaching, He is eligible to enter  professional competitions.

Jamie said that the most popular dance to learn in Guernsey recently seemed to be the Argentine Tango. He put this down to to the fact "it's a strong dance and teaches a lot of coordination".

2009 and 2010 was a very exciting start to his professional career, starting with passing his professional qualifications, then setting up the dance school "LeT's Dance" with fantastic results in the schools first medal test, with a 100% pass rate.  have ran dance competitions locally, one in May and one in October for Children and Adults, with wonderfull feedback.

Continuing to working with GADA, we are still invovled in a lot of charity fund raising shows as well as  local shows.

UKA Latin American Fellowship
UKA Ballroom Fellowship
UKA Argentinean Tango Fellowship
ADA ltd Ballroom Licentiate
ADA ltd Latin American Licentiate

UKA Cheerleading Licentiate

UKA Argentinean Tango Licentiate
IDTA Ballroom Associate
ADA ltd Latin American Associate
UKA Argentinean Tango Associate
Zumba B1
Zumba B2
Zumba in Circuit
UKA Salsa Licentiate
UKA Street, Break Dance Hip Hop
ABD Overseas Examiner



Bonnie Lehr



Bonnie Lehr started to dance when she was six, with many styles including: country, western and
swing. Her cultural dancing has brought her to Guernsey from Canada, to study as a Ballroom ,Latin American and Argentine Teacher.

Bonnie has loved this aspect of dance sport since childhood and always dreamed of becoming both a dancer and a teacher.

Enjoying all aspects she is learning, and teaching in my study with Jamie Le Tissier, LeT's Dance and G.A.D.A. So far, her whole experience has been exceptional as she has been able to train with some of the bast in this field. Knowing that her country, family and friends are standing behind her she continues to push herself to keep dancing, and to fulfill her dreams.


UKA Latin Licentiate
UKA Argentinean Tango Licentiate
UKA Argentine Tango Associate
ADA ltd Ballroom Associate

UKA Ballroom Licentiate 
Zumba B1
Zumba B2
Zumba in Circuit


Julie Haimes


ADB ASI (Assistant Student teacher Instructor)
Fitsteps Instructor


Jamie 07781 115568

Carteret rd
Cobo, Castel

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